July 25, 2010

Pack of Lies Virtual Book Tour

Greetings to all who are visiting in support of Pack of Lies, the new ebook by Vanessa Vaughn.

Pack of Lies is a sizzling novel told from two perspectives: Marcus, an alpha-male werewolf struggling with his gay identity, and Jack, the man he bites who cannot deny his connection to the creature who caused his transformation.

Homosexuality is forbidden among the werewolf clan, but Marcus has had clandestine encounters for much of his adult life. Jack is a straight man with a hotshot career as an architect, and his life falls apart after Marcus bites him. Not only does he struggle with his new identity as a werewolf, he has to struggle with the fact that he has a deep mental, emotional, and sexual connection to Marcus. Jack cannot resist either of his new identities, but his love for Marcus puts him in jeopardy with the other werewolves - and he was already on shaky ground to begin with. If Marcus and Jack are found out, it could mean the undoing of both of them.

Pack of Lies is a real-page turner, very difficult to put down. Further, Vaughn's sex scenes are always incredibly hot. One of the best is when, during one of their encounters, Jack refuses to be submissive. Marcus has always been a dominant, or an equal, and he's thrilled to explore the change of roles during sex. Exploration of new identities is the dominant theme in Pack of Lies, and this particular scene heightens the motif of questioning and change. Below the jump, I've included an except from that chapter.

I opened my mouth to speak again, but Jack put a finger to my lips. This time he was the one
who embraced me, who cradled me in his arms to soothe away my worries.

I felt his smooth hands trace their way up under my thin white t-shirt. Two of his fingers
pinched my nipple tenderly while his teeth nipped gently at my neck. He made a very human
little growling sound, and I couldn’t help but chuckle.

Jack was no longer some weak human victim. He was becoming something else entirely, a
hybrid between wolf and man. When humans were turned, the results were always unpredictable.
This one was weaker than the rest of us, but he had the unique ability of being able to shift
during the day. That gave him tremendous power.

Yet he felt conflicted. He felt a remorse about killing even that rabbit that I had never
learned. But he was still a wolf like us, as I had seen last night, and I wondered how he would
reconcile the two. He felt the same fever that we all did during the Change. He had the same
libido, the same bloodlust, and I worried about how he would manage to adjust to life within the

I also wondered how I could possibly return to my old life with them and keep a love like
ours a secret.

Jack flashed a mischievous grin at me and put his hands on my shoulders. He applied
pressure very suddenly, pushing me decisively to the floor. I was on my knees in a heartbeat,
looking up to him. For a moment, it didn’t even register in my mind what he wanted from me.

Then he slowly unbuttoned his jeans and pushed the heavy blue fabric down his thighs.

And I knew.

I felt the shocking warmth of my own breath as he stepped closer to my face. I closed my
eyes as the tip of his member brushed my sensitive lower lip. I smelled his delicious masculine

After the things I had done to him last night, this man still wanted me. Not only that, Jack
was eager to turn the tables. My insides twisted and I burned with anticipation as I realized that,
for the first time, a sexual partner wanted me to submit.

My interactions with the women of the pack, with Daniel, and certainly with Jack, had all
relied on my own dominance until now. For the very first time, my partner and I were equals.
For the very first time, a man was asking something of me.

Tasting his soft and salty skin as he parted my lips made me more nervous about intimacy
than I had ever been. He was getting hard so quickly as he glided inch by inch into my mouth
that for a moment I felt the urge to beg him to slow down.

An edge of panic rose in me as I struggled to cope with this new form of power play. But
Jack wasn’t being cruel. On the contrary, his every movement was tender. His hand resting at the
crown of my head felt like a loving caress. I could still detect the earthy, wooden scent of the
narrow closet and the aroma of fine powdered sugar dust from the next room.

Jack glided across my tongue and pressed deep. Hearing his soft exhalation, his unique
groan, as he pushed into my throat made me feel sudden joy, as if his pleasure were passing right
into me. His happiness was my happiness. I quickly found that I enjoyed this after all. It was not
demeaning as I had assumed, not a power struggle like every interaction seemed to be between
us wolves. Instead, this was something selfless and tender, and it warmed my very soul to share
this with the person I loved.
His member was malleable and fleshy on the surface but as hard as bone at the core, and it
turned me on to explore this intimate part of his body for the first time. I used my tongue to trace
the ridge between his tip and shaft. I passed my lips along the length of him, feeling his girth
against the sides of my mouth and his weight at the back of my tongue as he pushed deep inside
of me.

He was moving more deliberately now, but he was still being incredibly gentle. We had
turned the delicate silver lock of the closet door, and it made me more relaxed to know for
certain that no one could take us by surprise here. No one could burst in on us unexpectedly.
More confident, I raised my hands to his buttocks and squeezed. My fingers gripped his flesh
there and I enjoyed feeling the movements of his shapely muscles as he pumped his hips in a
slow, sure rhythm, pushing into my mouth affectionately and then drawing himself out again.
I looked up at him with wide, imploring eyes, willing to take any cue he gave me. And for
the first time I was able—no, eager—to put aside my own needs and focus on someone else’s.
To be honest, I was surprised by how good it felt to give up my power, how relaxing and freeing
it was to hand over all the decision-making and worry to someone else. I felt safe and taken care
of for the very first time as I gave myself to Jack. I basked in his love like a beachcomber lying
on the hot sand and drinking in the sun.

When he pulled out of my mouth and lifted me to my feet, I felt bewildered for a moment. I
was just getting used to the motion of his body, to his muscles and the exciting untapped power
waiting just behind them, when suddenly he felt the need to break that perfect rhythm and
interrupt my almost awed service to him.

Without speaking at all, Jack gripped me by the shoulder and turned me to face the wall. He
pushed me gently against the back of the closet, my chest pressed to the wood, my head turned,
my cheek touching the cool, smooth boards. He grabbed my hands and forced them, palms open,
against the wall by the sides of my head.

With a shock, I realized he was pulling my pants down to my thighs. I started to say
something to slow down what was happening, but I swallowed the words. They bubbled up in
my throat like a groan of pleasure but no actual syllables ever materialized.

I felt his cock swelling against my skin. The thick wet tip that had been in my mouth only
moments before now hovered against the precipice of my tight, vulnerable opening. His hot
breath caressed the back of my neck and the sensitive space between my shoulder blades.

And then I discovered that Jack could hold back no longer.

He seemed to burst into me, yet in reality he was moving very slowly. The initial movement
was overwhelming as he started to stretch me for the first time. It made me gasp for breath and
squeeze my eyes closed as if I had just been wounded.
He had opened me up only enough to fit the fat head of himself inside, yet I felt painfully
aware of each microscopic shift of him inside me. He was moist and smooth from being in my
mouth, but even that did not help as I struggled to adjust to the sensation of someone entering
that part of me for the very first time.

I heard him exhale in one long breath as he slid in slowly. He pushed in a fraction of an inch
and waited patiently for my sensitive body to adjust. Then he pushed a fraction of an inch more,
and then more, until eventually he was pressed in as far as possible, and I felt desperately,
unbelievably full.

I was stunned by the sensation. I think we both were.

We waited there like that for a while, holding completely still, his chest flat against my back,
the palms of his hands covering the backs of mine as my fingers were spread wide and pressed
against the wall. When we breathed, our lungs filled and emptied in sync. We breathed together
and rested together as one, intimately and beautifully linked.

When Jack started to pull slowly out of me again, the movement seemed to fill my entire
world. It was impossible to think of anything but the friction of him gliding inside me.

I relaxed and tried to let him move more freely. I pushed my body against the wall as he
started to pump me in a slow, strong rhythm. I felt my own cock becoming erect and eager as it
rubbed against the wood panel of the closet. I closed my eyes and leaned my face wearily against
the cool plank.

And strangely enough, I liked the idea of Jack having his way with me. For a moment, I
entertained the fantasy of being used solely for someone else’s pleasure, of totally giving in, and
it gave me pleasure as well.

But Jack did not want to use me. I felt his right hand move down my ribs and then settle
firmly around my own erection. As he invaded me with his own thrusts, he stroked me as well,
matching the force each time.

We each felt what the other was feeling. Each pleasurable movement was beautifully and
perfectly timed. What we were doing was more invasive and yet more loving than anything I’d
ever known, yet I thought I might collapse from the intensity of it. The pleasure of Jack’s hand
squeezing me firmly, of his body invading mine, saturated my senses in a way nothing but the
Change ever had.

He moved and I felt the first tickle of that final climax. He withdrew and pushed again, and I
could wait no longer. My heart seemed to pound in my ears as I came in Jack’s hand. He kept
stroking me as I writhed against the wall.

And then I heard the unmistakable groan of his finish. His hand released its grip for a
moment as he focused only on himself. He pushed in deep and let out a cry that was fierce and
vulnerable all at once. His pecs tensed against my back. His thighs tightened. And I closed my
eyes as he held himself in deep and finally exploded into me.

His chin dropped to my shoulder, and he breathed raggedly. He withdrew his hand from mine
and wiped my creamy residue carefully from his fingers.

It was as he finally pulled out that we both seemed timid. He did it as gently as he had first
entered, in slow, careful stages. And, strangely, his leaving me felt just as intense as that first
thrust. Like that painful beginning, this movement was also intimate and emotional and utterly
unlike anything else I’d ever experienced. When he was finally withdrawn from me completely, I
shuddered from his absence.

We each quickly arranged our clothes again and then turned to face one another. I kissed
him, feeling his firm but pliable lips, and then he put his arms around me. We leaned against
each other’s bodies without a word, both relaxing and drawing strength.


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That was a VERY hot scene!!! I've got to get a copy of this book!

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Loved this scene and it's a must have Book cant wait to get it