July 11, 2010

Sunday Pleasures: New Friends Edition

I made a new friend at the party I attended last Sunday! This week, she and I met up for some fun around town.

First up was Antonelli's Cheese Shop in Hyde Park. With cheeses as high as $30 a pound, this is a place where you have to be careful. On the plus side, even if you can't buy much, you can sample as much as you want! I got a goat's milk cheddar, as well as a chevre dusted with microbial ash. Both delicious and well-worth the price. In addition to cheese, Antonelli's stocks olives, cured meats, bread, chocolate, olive oil, and truffle oil. And they do gift baskets! It's definitely the place for your high-end snacking needs.

Then we went to Recycled Reads, the used bookstore of the Austin Public library. Recycled Reads has a really good selection of books, and what I love most about them is that they are contributed to sustainability. Books they cannot sell are given to a company that turns the paper into building materials. And all book sales go to help the library! Plus, they have a pretty great rare book section. I couldn't buy much, unfortunately - access to my bank account has been limited this week due to someone making fraudulent purchases with my credit card - but I did get a collection of Raymond Carver stories.

Upon finding out that my friend had never been to Torchy's Tacos, we immediately went there. Torchy's is my absolute favorite place to get tacos in Austin - their fried avocado taco is one of the best things I have ever tasted. And they have Dublin Dr. Pepper and Boylan sodas on tap - free refills on sodas of much higher quality than Coke or Pepsi products, and made with real sugar (which tastes way better than corn syrup). What isn't to love?

As we were leaving Torchy's, we realized that we had ten minutes until happy hour started at The Steeping Room. I'm a bit of a tea fanatic, though I pretty much only visit the Steeping Room during the happy hour, because their a bit high-end for my budget. But every time I'm there, I enjoy myself. I introduced my friend to rooibos, and we had scones with honey butter. A lovely end to a great afternoon.

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