July 18, 2010

Would you pay to submit poems electronically?

Avoiding the Muse has a poll up asking writers how much they would be willing to pay to submit poems electronically. Apparently, as more and more literary publications accept electronic submissions, some are requiring that writers pay to submit.

I know that I would not pay to have to submit my writing to journals. Heck, in my entire writing career, I have only twice submitted to contests with reading fees - and those were only $5 apiece. The only reason I even did that is because they were small press organizations I really wanted to support. But just to have my work read by a journal, not for a contest? No way. I don't pay a potential freelance client to look over my portfolio and decide if they want me to work on their project. And I consider submitting creative work to journals as a sort of freelancing. I'm just not going to pay potential clients/employers/whatever to see if they want to hire me/use my work.

Other opinions?

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