August 24, 2010

Confession Tuesday

I confess that one month post-breakup, I have not moved on as fast as I'd like, and I'm frustrated. I realize that you can't rush these things, that you have to let them heal on their own. I realize that I'm doing the best I can, that I'm doing healthy things to move on, but even so, I'm irritated that this isn't easier. Though I suppose if it were easier, the relationship wouldn't have meant so much to me.

I confess that even though I still struggle, it is refreshing to be diving back into projects and making to-do lists again.

I confess that there has been a great deal of progress in my writing life. Last week, a story idea came to me in a dream. By the time I woke up, I'd lost the dialogue and the twist ending, but at least my brain still retained the structure. This is the first non-erotic story idea I've had since I started writing (in fact, the piece borders on horror), and it's a little intimidating to be writing something outside my comfort zone. But I'm approaching this challenge wholeheartedly. I also finished the second draft of a novella-length work, and have an essay in development. Not many submissions lately, but a lot of new creations and revisions.

I confess that I've loved having days with nothing to do but work on fiction, but some freelance work has come my way and I'm grateful. I love my creative work, but I also love eating.

I confess that I hope I don't get selected as a juror. I have freelancing to do! I have stories that are in development and need attention! I don't have time for civic duty!

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