August 8, 2010

Sunday Pleasures

It's been a rough two weeks, though I'm doing my best to stay positive, active, and keep working as I grieve the loss of a relationship. Things are getting better. Writing has been going slowly, and some days are more frustrating than others, but there have been many things in my life keeping me happy.

Last Sunday, a friend and I decided to get out of Austin and visit Krause Springs, about 40 miles outside the city. I wish I had known about this place when I first moved here! Nothing against the local swimming establishments, but Krause is absolutely adorable. We swam, we drank beer, we talked - it was a lovely afternoon. And before we left Austin, we got breakfast tacos at The Screaming Goat, which has the best tomatillo salsa I have ever tasted. I am still craving more of it a week later.

Furthering my quest for adventure, on Thursday, two friends and I went out to Fredericksburg. Well, first we drove out to Enchanted Rock and climbed it. In 100+ degree heat. And I'm on antibiotics for an infected cartilage piercing, so I had some issues with the sun. And we were all sore the next day. But the views were just spectacular. This is something I plan to do again when it's not quite so hot out. In town, we got some yummy German food, got to taste various delights at the Fredericksburg Winery, tasted as much as our stomachs could hold at Rustlin Rob's (where I spent way too much money on jalapeƱo peanut butter, beer jelly, red wine jelly, garlic and champagne mustard, and Scorned Woman hot sauce), and then rounded the afternoon off with beers at the Fredericksburg Brewing Company. We also stopped in at the Pioneer Memorial Library, which is a lovely building. We didn't have the time (or energy) to see everything we wanted, but the drive isn't terrible, so I know we'll be making excursions again.

Yesterday was a shopping excursion with another friend. I'm in the process of cleaning and rearranging my room, and decided I need a nice box for my sex toys. I found just the right box in the St. Vincent de Paul thrift store. It's just the right size. There are a few cracks, but nothing that can't be fixed with a little wood glue. It's also unfinished and unlined. An artist friend is going to paint it for me, and then I'm going to get some cool fabric and line it myself. I'm so excited! Also at the thrift store, I found a vinyl copy of The Sounds of Silence, in good condition, for a dollar. Squee! And I found a casserole dish that's part of the set I have that used to belong to my grandmother. I didn't need this particular size, but it was fifty cents and they don't make this set anymore, so I had to get it. Then we went to check out Ten Thousand Villages, where I got a bracelet and scoped out some candles I want to buy when my room is done - but only after my room is done. They're my reward for finishing this project!

I have a new favorite restaurant in Austin! Last night, my husband and I decided to try a restaurant we'd never been to before. We settled on Blue Dahlia Bistro, and it proved to be a great decision. My goat cheese tart was divine, and they have a great wine selection. I also appreciate that Blue Dahlia has a good mix of vegetarian and meat options. I feel like I can eat there frequently without getting bored. After dinner, we decided to go bowling at Highland Lanes. Although neither of us is an avid bowler, we both played better than we ever have. Perhaps all that Wii Bowling is actually helpful.

Today we'll have brunch at El Arroyo, and hopefully I'll have time to visit a friend before going to see 8: The Mormon Proposition. This evening, my husband is off with his new girlfriend and I am looking forward to a free evening. Maybe I'll get some writing done. Maybe I'll go dancing. Who knows?

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