September 26, 2010

Sunday Pleasures

Yesterday, my best friend and I had the opportunity to go on the Austin Duck Adventures tour. You get to see the sights of Austin, learn a little bit of city trivia, and the boat goes on the water and takes you around the lake for a bit. It's quite fun, though I imagine it would be more so if I could afford to rent a BYOB tour boat for my friends . . .

Dinner last night took place at Apothecary. It's a new-ish business, and one of my favorite places to drink. They have a lovely menu with a good selection of vegetarian fare. In addition to tasty panini and salad, my companion and I split a bottle of Vinho Verde, which is hands-down my favorite wine.

Both of these Saturday enjoyments were financed in part by Groupon. Seriously, Groupon is one of my favorite things! Okay, sometimes you don't always get the best deal, but if you know how to work it, you end up getting entirely free brunches and things like that. And membership is free. Okay, since I'm plugging Groupon already, this URL is also a referral code. If I've convinced you to sign up, do so via the referral code link so I can get some mad props from Groupon.

Up for today: nothing scheduled! I'll probably take the time to get some freelance work done, and I'd like to go play minature golf if the weather is nice, but otherwise it looks to be a relaxing Sunday. Huzzah!

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