October 5, 2010

Confession Tuesday

I confess that I'm eating apple pie for breakfast because the bread was covered in mold.

I confess that I can't believe the bread went so moldy so quickly. It's not even a week old, I've kept it wrapped, and the temperatures and humidity are decreasing.

I confess that the potatoes are starting to sprout, so today I will probably make a large batch of potato salad.

I confess that my decision to make pie yesterday was motivated by the fact that the apples were starting to get soft.

I confess that many of my cooking decisions are motivated by what is about to go bad.

I confess that I don't know why I try to buy in bulk. With the exception of flour, dried grains/pasta, and dried beans, everything else just goes to waste. But it's really hard to ignore the great deals. Still, it's not much of a deal if things are going bad because I bought more than I could hope to eat before things spoiled.

I confess that I could probably just freeze things, but I do have a tendency to put stuff in the freezer and then forget about it.

I confess that this all makes me feel like I am not doing my part for the environment.

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