October 19, 2010

Confession Tuesday

I confess that I always wait at least 15 minutes to open any reply from an editor regarding my submission. The nerves never go away. I know that no matter the outcome, I'll be fine, but there's always that little bit of anxiety.

I confess that I don't have a lot to blog about at the moment. I've been a sort of hermit, focusing on my researching and character development rather than producing new pieces. It's a nice change of pace, though I look forward to creating new stories again soon.

I confess that I'm stretching my creative limits, and it's intimidating, but also awesome. The new writer's group I joined is going to be very helpful in helping me stretch myself artistically.

I confess that I've gotten some disheartening rejections this month, but the acceptances I've received have made it worth it. More details to come as those near their publication dates.

I confess that after putting it aside for nearly a year, I want to try revising the manuscript from NaNoWriMo 2009. It's bloated, a novella (or even a novelette) with extra padding for the purposes of writing 50k in 30 days. But I really do think there's a good shorter piece in there. And I need to sit down and work on it. You know, when I'm not busy working on everything else . . .

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