October 21, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Posting with insomnia again . . .  hopefully the gratitude list will calm me down and let me get some rest.

I'm thankful that if I'm going to struggle with insomnia, at least I have the energy to get up and use the awake time in a productive manner.

I'm thankful for all of the writing opportunities I have been given this week. Real life likes to interfere, of course, but overall I've been productive.

I'm thankful for my new writing group. It's a group of talented professional writers who are committed to our craft. We're going to meet regularly, we're motivated, and we get along. Our first meeting already inspired me to revisit some goals that had become stagnant.

I'm thankful for rediscovering Raymond Carver. One of my writing group members suggested I read some of his work as I revise the story I brought to workshop last week. I first read his stories back in college, but I'm getting even more out of them now. Sometimes, I feel frustrated that I actually have to work and write and can't just sit at home reading his stories all day.

I'm thankful for dance. It keeps me happy and sane.

I'm thankful for yoga, especially my class focused on helping students with chronic injuries. My back has been feeling really good this week!

I'm thankful for awesome weekend plans.

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