November 14, 2010

NaNoWriMo Days 11-13

Truly epic!

Things really took off for me over the start of this weekend. I went to a write-in on Thursday morning and knocked out about 2,500 words in two hours, then added about 1,500 more throughout the day. Friday was not actually a great writing day - my husband has Fridays off and we spent this one getting tacos, going for walks, and going to the movies - but I managed to get in just a little over the 1,667 word minimum (not that I needed it at that point). Yesterday morning I woke up in the vicinity of 38,500 and breezed into 40,000 words pretty easily - and then did not stop writing. Yes, I put in just 12,000 words in one day, and crossed the finish line. Currently sitting at just over 50,000 words!

Of course, I plan to keep writing. The story is not done yet. I have a bunch of half-written beginning chapters, and I still don't quite know where the end is going. But I won the official challenge!

As my computer problems seem to be getting worse before they get better, I probably won't work on the novel much today. (I only have computer access at the moment right now because my husband is asleep and therefore has no need for his machine's power supply.) I was hoping to go to a write-in, but barring someone being able to loan me an A/C adapter (I'm not borrowing one for a loaner laptop that is not exactly in the greatest shape ever), it looks like I'll be spending the afternoon reading rather than writing. Which is a bummer, because I love going to write-ins and hanging out with NaNo people. But it isn't too terrible, because I think I could stand a day off before I forage ahead to figure out how this book is going to end.

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