November 4, 2010

NaNoWriMo Days 2-3

Although my pace has slowed gradually over days 2 and 3, I'm still surpassing the minimum word count each day, meaning I'm still quite ahead of schedule. I closed out day 2 just over 10k, and I finished day 3 with 12,712 (for those of you keeping score, I needed to finish yesterday with 5,000 words).

I'm a little surprised how easy the writing is going considering I am still working without an outline, but I'm not complaining! I'm noticing also that these first three days have had me focusing almost exclusively on the latter third of the novel. This is also the part I had outlined the least before my hard drive died. I'm nervous to touch the beginning, the part I'd outlined heavily, without my guide, but I'm fine to wing it with things that weren't quite so established. Definitely interesting.

I haven't written yet today, but I'll be off to a write-in in South Austin pretty soon. Looking forward to it! Since I focus exclusively on noveling at these write-ins, I'm using the time beforehand to focus on other things which tend to get neglected. So far today, it's been showering, feeding the pets, and blogging. Whee!

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