November 7, 2010

Sunday Pleasures

I was out of town for most of last weekend, but got home in time to catch the premier of The Walking Dead, AMC's new series about life in a zombie apocalypse. It's graphic, gruesome, and a fantastic piece of television. I look forward to see where this is going! I also closed of Halloween by attending the Austin NaNoWriMo Midnight Write at the Dragon's Lair. As usual, a great way to start of November, see friends I pretty much only hang out with during NaNo, and kick-start my novel!

Yesterday, I attended the TexAROHO Day Conference for Women Writers 2010. I attended a workshop on short fiction (with Barb Johnson), poetry (with Liz Belile), and creative nonfiction (with Meredith Hall), and generated a bunch of drafts for new pieces. My creative nonfiction piece in particular has some excellent potential. The conference also allowed me to meet lots of other Austin-area writers and generally get inspired. And I'm looking forward to learning more about the AROHO organization and getting more involved.

Today has been a lazy day. Did yoga before my spouse got up, and then he made migas for breakfast. I read the newest issue of the Kenyon Review while he played around on the internet, and then we went for a walk and got lunch at Chipotle (with a gift card! yay free burritos!). Now we're catching up on Boardwalk Empire (probably one of my favorite shows this season; also, huzzah for getting HBO On Demand for free). Then, we're going to a NaNoWriMo Write-In at Mozart's, one of my favorite Austin coffee shops. I'll round the day off by sparring with my printer before heading out to my writer's group, and then have a quiet evening in.

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