November 14, 2010

Sunday Pleasures

It's been a busy week, filled with various life stresses, more computer problems, and winning NaNoWriMo! (but not being finished with the story yet). Here's a look at some of the things that brightened my week.

The Lenovo X-Series. Boxy and ugly, but with just the specs this writer needs, it will be saving me from my ongoing computer woes in approximately 10 days. Those 10 days cannot come soon enough. And I can upgrade that boring black exterior with a custom skin. I'm thinking leopard print.

My spouse's new LG computer monitor. He got it for the PC he's building piece by piece, but he's already hooked it up to his laptop, so he currently has a dual-screen setup. We use the LJ to watch TV online, and it is lovely.

Red Table Coffee. This is the coffee shop that hosts my regular Thursday morning write-ins during the month of November. It's on the opposite side of town, but it's totally worth the drive for the super-friendly wait staff, the company of NaNo-ers, and the 20% discount they're giving to write-in participants.

Opal Divine's. I've probably put it in Sunday Pleasures before, but if I have, it bears mentioning again. This is by far one of my favorite bars in Texas. I spent last night there and had some fantastic drinks.

And while I'm mentioning Opal's, I should mention that I love Geeks Who Drink trivia nights. We had a blast last night drinking at Opal's and playing the trivia game. And our team took 3rd, which got us $10 off our bar tab! A truly excellent Saturday night.

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