November 21, 2010

Sunday Pleasures

(Slightly hungover, post-birthday bash edition.)

This weekend we've been celebrating my husband's birthday. The actual day is tomorrow, but yesterday was our primary celebration.

The day started off when his girlfriend came by with breakfast tacos and queso from Tacodeli. (I admit that I'm a die-hard Torchy's fanatic, but I can very much appreciate Tacodeli and their dona salsa.) After breakfast, we went to the grand opening of Pinballz Arcade, a new place in town for classic and new pinball games and other arcade fare. Unfortunately, a lot of the games weren't holding up too well under the stress of the first day, and there were a lot of broken ones. But the owner is really nice, you can tell he's passionate about this place, and I think that once he works through the kinks, Pinballs will be a great place.

Once we were done with games, we headed over to Vino Vino for a wine tasting - $10 per person to taste 35 wines! We got a great sampling of new wines we'd never tasted before, and came home with a few bottles. Slightly tipsy and needing to sober up, we stopped by NewWorld Deli, which is one of my favorite places in town. My husband had never been there before, and was duly impressed.

Fortified by excellent sandwiches, we went to BookPeople for a reading by Gabrielle Faust and Skyler White. They were there promoting new books, and it was a great chance to hear some great writing, drink tea, admire steampunk outfits, and hang out with friends. And then after the reading, it was time to head home and prep for the party we hosted, which lasted till nearly 3:30 a.m.

Today will be more laid back. We're going to GameStop to pick up the copy of Donkey Kong Country Returns that I ordered him as a birthday gift. At which point, he will probably play all day. I might play a bit, but I don't like most video games other than Tetris. I'll probably go to a NaNoWriMo Write-In at Cafe Caffeine before heading to my fiction group to have one of my new stories picked apart so I can actually fix the problems in my draft.

Tomorrow, on his actual birthday, we're celebrating by going to an open mic at House Wine, and he's going to play some new stuff. Should be a great set! I haven't seen him play live in a long time, and I'm looking forward to it.

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