December 21, 2010

Reading Challenges!

Via Over Forty Shades:

Brighton Blogger of Book After Book has set up a series of reading challenges for 2011. You can choose as many or as few as you like! Below are the challenges she's created:

The Italy Reading Challenge
 I chose this topic because - as an Italian who has been living abroad for many years now - I feel the need to learn more about my home country and I’m curious to see the difference between the way it is portrayed by native Italians and others.
The LGBT Reading Challenge 
LGBT literature is so rich and varied and worth talking more about. That’s why I am hosting this challenge: to keep learning and sharing reading experiences. And, why not, to do my own tiny bit for a more accepting world – one book at a time!

I've decided to sign up for both challenges. I have to read 12 books set in Italy and as many LGBT books as I want. This on top of the research I'm doing for my new novel . . . hopefully I can find a way to combine the two! (This is likely possible.) I look forward to expanding my reading in 2011!

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Brighton Blogger said...

Thanks for joining the two challenges! I look forward to swapping tips about books :o)