December 26, 2010

Sunday Pleasures

Lots of things making me happy this week!

  • My brother in law being in town. And getting to play tourist and show him all of our favorite places in Austin.
  • Spinach-mushroom lasagna with a ricotta-chevre cheese blend and tomato vodka sauce. I'm awesome.
  • Bourbon Street Vanilla Rooibos from Bottom of the Cup Tea Room. I love having relatives in New Orleans.
  • Girls With Slingshots. It's my new webcomic of choice!
  • Having plans to see Cake do a show on New Year's Eve.
  • Also, I have plans to attend a 2-hour restorative yoga class on New Year's Eve afternoon over at East Side Yoga.
  • The anticipation I always feel looking at my new day planner, knowing that it's almost time to use it. For 2011, I'm going with the Working Writer's Day Planner from Small Beer Press.

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