December 15, 2010

The writing space journey

I admit, progress on my workspace has gone much slower than it should. But hey, as long as progress happens at all, it's better than nothing!

I've mentioned recently that my old netbook died. When I bought a new computer, I actually went out and bought a real laptop this time. I know, there are things to be said for desktop systems, but I'm a mobile writer and I need a computer that can go everywhere. So laptop it is, with a bigger screen and keyboard. It's better on my eyes, and I don't need to hunch over so far to type.

Another major change happened yesterday. Though my yoga teacher told me months ago that writing from bed all day long was not good for my back and aggravating my problems, I could not bring myself to invest in a desk and chair, because I hate sitting in chairs. Even ergonomic chairs feel confining and uncomfortable. So yesterday, I asked her what specifically I should do instead. She suggested a medicine ball. I just so happen to have one, a gift I got in college. I've had it for six years, though haven't used it as much recently. I added air to it and started sitting on it to write yesterday afternoon - I can already feel the difference in my back! Granted, it's not nearly as cozy as writing in bed all day, but the lack of back pain is well-worth it!

The next obstacle is to find a desk that works well with the medicine ball. Right now I am making do with the end of my bed and a lap desk, but this is not an ideal solution. However, the only desk in the house is too tall to work with the medicine ball I have. I'm sure a solution will reveal itself in time. Certainly there might be a medium-height table at Goodwill that would work. I just need to think about it.

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