January 25, 2011

Confession Tuesday

I confess that 2011 is going great so far.

I confess that I cashed the settlement money from my scooter accident today. Even after lawyer's fees and covering the medical expenses, I came away with a good chunk of change - enough that I don't need to worry about money for about a year, maybe a little less (as I plan on doing significant traveling this year).

I confess that I made a few impulse buys this afternoon with my new funds, including some jewelry and a new pizza stone to replace the one that got damaged in the oven fire over Christmas.

I confess that I got a new smartphone (a Palm Pre Plus), and I am in love with it. Best of all, I got it for free when it came included in a friend's plan and he decided he didn't want it anymore.

I confess that I am working on an outline for a novel and I'm going to submit it to a publisher by February 1st. I am so excited.

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