January 30, 2011

Sunday Pleasures

On Friday night, I celebrated my friend's birthday by taking her to dinner at Cru. The food was delicious and the wine flights excellent. I also had the best red wine I have ever tasted - El Picaro de Matsu. I dropped a bit of extra money to get a bottle to take home. So worth it! After dinner, we got drinks at The Highball and then saw The King's Speech at the Alamo Drafthouse. A great start to a great weekend.

Yesterday was the Free Day of Dance in Austin, Texas. Although I didn't have time to go to every single class I wanted to attend, I got the chance to take some great free lessons and hang out with wonderful people!

I spent last night celebrating at the Austin City Dance Club 1st Anniversary Party. I took a fantastic workshop and then danced all night. I absolutely love this club, and am excited to dance with them as they move into their second year.

This afternoon, I'll be helping out with inventory at BookWoman. Although inventory is a lot of work, the atmosphere is actually really fun. This will be my third year doing inventory, and my second as a volunteer rather than an employee. Yep, I do it even though I don't get paid!

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