February 1, 2011

Confession Tuesday

We have genuine winter weather in Austin this morning. Not as extreme as the real winters up north, but it's icy out there. I'm starting my day with cocoa instead of tea, and I confess that I might actually have a second cup.

In Austin (as in many other parts of Texas), the plumbing isn't insulated, on the grounds that we hardly ever have winter weather. However, on the occasions that we do, this means that we have to leave our faucets dripping to ensure the pipes don't freeze. I confess that I hate this. I confess that it's driving me crazy. I confess that I hate the sound of dripping coming from all three taps in the house.

I confess that I feel a bit judgmental towards Texas right now. I confess I'm irritated at the thought of how much water is being wasted by the entire city having their taps running. Wouldn't it be better for the environment to start putting insulated plumbing into new buildings?

I confess that my spouse set the thermostat at 81 and I flipped a little bit and wondered what planet he might be from. Yes, it's cold, but not cold enough for the thermostat to be above 75.

I confess that I can't wait for sun and warmth.

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