February 22, 2011

Literary Events at SxSW Interactive

If you were able to blow the money on a pass for South by Southwest, there are a ton of great literary events at the Interactive portion of the festival. Literary Austin has a rundown of all the book readings and other literary celebrations.

As much as I'd like to be able to attend some of these, I don't have several hundred dollars to blow on a pass, even not an Interactive pass, which is much cheaper than the cost to attend the music or film portions of the festival. I'm especially bummed at how expensive the Interactive festival is. Music and film are great, sure, but the Interactive portion has panels on the future of publishing and other aspects of literary culture that are important to me as a writer. But I just don't have the cash to spend.

Festivals always seem to have this aim of bringing people together, and yet SxSW seems to do a pretty good job of only letting monied people in. Yeah, I'm grumpy about it. I hate missing out on fun just because I don't have an extra $400-$700 lying around in my bank account.

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