February 23, 2011

Submissions in 2011

So I admit, I went a little crazy on submissions yesterday.

First off, last week: In addition to submitting my one-act, I submitted my novella to a second publisher. I need to get it into more markets. I can't be lazy about this. Then, on Sunday, a story I submitted in 2010 got rejected. Now, I really try not to take rejections personally. I try not to let them affect me. But this one did. This story means a lot to me on an emotional level, it's one of my best pieces, and having it rejected really stung. So how did I deal with it? By going a little crazy and submitting it to 5 new markets. This might have been a touch of overkill, I admit. But it made me feel better!

Yesterday, I also submitted three erotica pieces - one a story I finished Monday, and two stories I finished yesterday morning.

Although I've neglected my big novel project this week, I've done a really good job of clearing out a backlog of stories that were nearing the final stages of revision but had yet to be completed. I only have one left, which I plan to finish today, especially because, due to my car being in the shop, I had to cancel some appointments due to transportation issues.

I also came to the hard realization that I have a lot of stories that have been out for over a year but not formally rejected but need to be resubmitted. After a year, you can be pretty sure they weren't taken, for one reason or another. I've kept them out in hopes that they might still be accepted, even though I know darn well it's unlikely at this point. Unfortunately, I did a bad job of keeping an up-do-date submission spreadsheet last year (part of why I'm publishing it on the blog this year - keeps me accountable). And the "fiction" folder in my hard drive? A total mess. So my goal for the weekend is to get my old stories organized and submitted. By Sunday night, I'd like it if I didn't have any old work lying around, languishing on my computer. My goal is for everything to be out somewhere.

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