February 27, 2011

Sunday Pleasures

I'm having a relaxing Sunday as a way to round off a wonderful weekend. My spouse and I spent yesterday evening watching most of the 2011 Oscar-nominated short films. Our theater wasn't screening the documentaries, but we did see the animated and the live-action shorts. My favorite animated short was Madagascar: A Travel Journal, though I think The Gruffalo is a shoe-in for the Oscar. After much deliberation, Wish 143 was my favorite of the live-action films (though they are really all quite stellar), though Na WeWe, my least-favorite film due to what I felt was a cop-out ending, seems nonetheless most likely to win.

In other media news, I'm currently making my way through season 2 of Breaking Bad. This is one of the most emotionally intense shows I have ever watched, and I can't get enough of it.

And going back to Friday night, J and I had a fabulously unhealthy dinner at Johnny T's BBQ up in Round Rock. It's cheap and the food is delicious. They put more efforts into their delicious meats than they do their side dishes, but it's all-around delicious. Unless you're a vegetarian, that is.

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