February 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful because tomorrow I get to leave for 5 days in Marfa. I'll be farther west than I've ever been before! I'll get to see the desert! I get 5 whole days with my best friend and her adorable pug! I'll hopefully be inspired and write a lot! (And now I need to think about packing and what stuff I should by for the trip .  . . .)

I'm thankful that Sugar & Spice has been published. This is my biggest career accomplishment to date. I'm so proud of myself, my fellow writers, Mira Paul, and everyone else at Ravenous Romance who put this together.

I'm thankful that nothing in life is permanent and soon enough this cold weather will break. I'm thankful for tea, hot cocoa, and hot buttered rum for helping me through this. I'm also thankful for central heating.

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